Live in historical buildings on the edge of the world


Kvalnes is situated in the middle of Lofoten with spectacular views of the North Sea. In the summer we can follow the sun's movements around the clock. In the dark evenings from early fall until late winter, the northern lights play across the sky.

Kvalnes is a small, quiet place at the foot of steep mountains facing the ocean. We invite our guests to join in creating new life in authentic houses left behind by the fishermen at Kvalnes.

Welcome to the fisherman’s outpost of Kvalnes and

a stay at one of our historic houses

Stay in a Scandinavian interior in an Art Noveau house from 1910.
From 3200 kr per night

The Farmhouse

Stay in a former saltery with the ocean as your nearest neighbor.

From 3300 kr. per nigth

The Saltery

Stay in an authentic fisherman’s cabin from the 1860s, with a modern addition.
From 3900 kr per night

The Fisherman's cabin

Live above the ocean in the restored

cod liver processing plant.
From 1700 kr. per night

The Steamery

Experience Kvalnes


-host and owner Aaslaug Vaa