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Cultural production

Villa Lofoten combines tourism with art- and culture production. We produce films and operate an interdisciplinary guest residency program for artists. We conduct workshops and projects in collaboration with people from home and abroad.

So far, the restoration of our buildings has been our largest project.

Our art productions are based on a dialogue with the environment, rural values and individual knowledge. In this way we contribute to public discussion, freedom of expression and democracy.



Villa Lofoten AIR invites artists, scientist and artisans to stay in our historic buildings, to work, get inspired and reflect. In their unique ways, they express ideas about the present, the past and the possibilities for the future.

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Villa Lofoten Film is a film production company that explores the relations between humans and their surroundings, time and space, and awareness of history, memory and recollection. 


Villa Lofoten initiates, develops and carries out projects that preserve and conveys our singing tradition, develops knowledge about writing and sound art for children and adolescents and collaborates with various educational and research institutions.



Villa Lofoten hosts a wide array of workshops, with themes spreading from seaweed and whale bones, to photography and cooking. Through our workshops, we want to unite people, culture, nature and history.

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