Welcome to our secret place at the edge of the world,
where raw nature and deep-rooted culture meet.

Welcome to us!

Stay in our newly renovated, historic buildings that once belonged to local fishermen in the small community Kvalnes.

The Saltery

Accommodates: 6
Beds: 2 doubles, 3 singles


The Steamery

Accommodates: 2
Beds: 1 Double


The Fisherman's cabin

Accommodates: 6
Beds: 2 doubles, 2 singles


The Central

Accommodates: 2
Beds: 2 singles


The Farmhouse

Accommodates: 6
Beds: 3 doubles


Our Accommodations

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accommodations here.


Discover Lofoten

Villa Lofoten is the perfect starting point to explore Lofoten.

Our Story

Villa Lofoten grew out of an idea of merging nature with culture.

We have renovated a fish saltery, cod-liver oil steamery and fisherman´s cabin. These
historical buildings were vital for local fishermen in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Today we invite people from home and abroad to stay, explore and create their own
stories in these unique surroundings.


Welcome to us!



The place is truly “a piece of art” - we absolutely loved everything about it. Villa Lofoten’s property is located with gorgeously beautiful views and in a very quiet neighbourhood. It’s a perfect spot to make day trips to the other parts of Lofoten. The Steamery itself is reconstructed and decorated with high and unique style and with lots of comfort.

Jonathan Schroeder, USA 23.2.2020

-host and owner Aaslaug Vaa 

+47 911 66 191

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